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/ We are proud partners with Salesforce and have been working together since 2014. Over the years, we have worked on a variety of Salesforce projects.

In the projects, we define processes for, for example, account-based marketing, CRM and lead generation. We call the processes customer journeys with stages such as Sales-to-Order, Order-to-Delivery and Delivery-to-Customer satisfaction/ambassadorship.

In addition to defining the processes mentioned above, in the projects we have worked with everything within the following Salesforce products: Marketing Cloud / Personalization, Account Engagement, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, MC Experience Cloud and B2B Commerce Cloud.

Among the industries where we have helped market leaders with Salesforce projects are Auction, Payment Solutions, Weddings, Boats, Fashion/Lifestyle, Fintech, Vehicles, Health, IT, Media, Optics, Retail, Medical Technology, Textiles and Education.