During the summer of 2024 we are redesigning our website.

Our six areas of expertise

You will soon be able to read more about our areas of expertise, as well as the tools and platforms we work with:

Web & Ecom



/Conversion optimisation

/User Experience
/ Design

/Salesforce Commerce Cloud




/Web analysis

/Business analytics


/Reports & Dashboards

/Google analytics

/Marketing Cloud Intelligence



/Technical SEO


/Site revision






/Customer data bases

/360-degree data views

/Segmentation reports

/Loyalty programs

/Customer Service

/Salesforce Sales Cloud

/Salesforce Service Cloud

/Salesforce Data Cloud



/Marketing Automation



/Salesforce Marketing Cloud

/Account Engagement (Pardot)


/Paid adverstising

/Search Engine Marketing

/Sociala Media


/Google ads

/Meta ads

We at Salient are a partner for you if you:

/ Are seeking expert skills in search engine optimization, paid advertising, conversion optimization, tracking, analytics, and data visualization.

App, website, and e-commerce platform development

/ Have plans to digitize all or parts of your business operations

/ Are considering investing in a homogeneous IT platform

/ Are curious about Salesforce and want to see what best practice looks like

/ Want to compete with world-class customer experiences