/ What we do

/ We are often given the role of advisor and change leader when companies take the plunge and digitize some or all of their business operations. One of the most important choices is deciding on the right IT solution. During our 10 years on the market, we have always recommended Salesforce, which we believe is the market’s most complete platform.

We define the processes for marketing, sales, and customer service. Well-defined processes are a prerequisite for selecting and tailoring the right Salesforce solution.

Once the processes are defined, we implement and integrate Salesforce with other IT solutions. We also offer to run communication on the platform and provide support if necessary.

In addition to helping our clients get the best results from their Salesforce investment, we assist with search engine optimization, paid advertising, conversion optimization, measurement, analysis, and visualization of data, as well as the development of apps, sites, and e-commerce platforms.